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Introducing men and churches to Disciplemaking

“Discipleship” is widely used in Christian circles.

“Disciplemaking” is said less often.

Either way, it is assumed we all know what these words mean. But, in fact, few Christians can give a clear, compelling definition of either word, one that calls them “up” to becoming all that God created them to be and motivates them to invest in discipling others. One consequence of this is the sobering reality that we are making very few disciples of the sort Jesus has in mind.
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reThink Disciplemaking

Designed with what Jesus has in mind.
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(re)Think Disciplemaking is designed to explore more deeply what Jesus has in mind when He speaks the Great Commission to make disciples.
(re)Think begins by helping you understand God’s aim in growing you to spiritual maturity, what that looks like, and the process He uses to accomplish this.

Men understand concepts better when they can "see" it

(re)Think incorporates many memorable illustrations and diagrams.
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The goal of (re)Think is a clear picture of spiritual maturity.

The goal at the completion of the(re)Think course is for every participant to see a clear picture of what spiritual maturity looks like for him, to have a road map for getting there, to know where he is on the journey, and to understand his part in helping others make the journey, thereby making disciples who are disciplemakers.
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