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<span class='wysiwyg_editor_content'>Why (re)Think Disciplemaking</span>
<span class='wysiwyg_editor_content'>(re)Think goes beyond where many discussions of the Great Commission end:</span>

  • Why (re)Think Disciplemaking
  • What’s Missing?
  • God’s Goal for Us and His Means to Get Us There
  • Milestones to Spiritual Maturity and A Picture of Mature Disciples
  • The definition, ingredients, approaches of True Disciplemaking

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<span class='wysiwyg_editor_content'>Men understand concepts better when they can “see” it.</span>
<span class='wysiwyg_editor_content'>(re)Think incorporates many memorable illustrations and diagrams.</span>
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The goal at the completion of the(re)Think course is for every participant to see a clear picture of what spiritual maturity looks like for him, to have a road map for getting there, to know where he is on the journey, and to understand his part in helping others make the journey, thereby making disciples who are disciplemakers.

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